How to care for acne-prone skin during the winter

The winter season is tough on skin, regardless of your complexion. But if you have existing skin issues like acne, rosacea or dry spots, the cold, dry winter air exacerbates those problems. Here are some tips for caring for your acne-prone skin during the winter. Moisturize Excess oil clogs pores and...
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Getting on the natural beauty bandwagon in 2019

The natural skincare trend has been emerging for a while now, as consumers increasingly demand recognizable ingredients in the products that they use daily. But avoiding products with suspect ingredients takes time, effort and, sometimes, a little extra money. As skincare enthusiasts, we believe this cost is well worth the benefit...
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Skincare Trends: Jade Rolling

Whether it’s turmeric serum, saffron spice shampoo, or snail slime moisturizer, skincare products with fascinating ingredients are constantly being introduced in our dermatology industry. Some of these products come with an equally shocking price tag, while others, like jade rollers, are relatively cheap, and thus more accessible for those who want...
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