How to choose between a chemical peel and laser treatment

We know how wonderful it feels to bask in the sunshine. The warmth and the extra dose of Vitamin D are instant mood boosters, and the sun’s rays give your complexion a healthy glow. But accompanying those short-term benefits are long-term drawbacks, like brown spots and wrinkles. Luckily, the trained specialists...
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How to Choose a Natural Deodorant

Are you one of the many people trying to adopt a beauty routine free of toxic ingredients? You might already notice a change in your skin and body! But as you clean up your beauty routine, don’t forget about the one product most of us can’t leave home without: deodorant. You...
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The influence of social media on cosmetic surgery and treatments

Many of us use social media not only to communicate with others, but to create an online persona for ourselves. Unlike our real identity, we can carefully curate the image we project on social media; in the digital space, no one will ever see you with messy hair and grungy sweatpants...
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