Skincare Trends: Jade Rolling

Whether it’s turmeric serum, saffron spice shampoo, or snail slime moisturizer, skincare products with fascinating ingredients are constantly being introduced in our dermatology industry. Some of these products come with an equally shocking price tag, while others, like jade rollers, are relatively cheap, and thus more accessible for those who want to give one of these trends a try. Here’s what you need to know about jade rolling.

What is jade rolling?

A jade roller is a small rolling pin made from jade, a stone that is said to possess healing and protective benefits. The jade roller is rolled across the face and neck to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles, as well as improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. You can also opt for a rose quartz roller, which works similarly. The main difference between the two rollers is the properties the stones are rumored to bestow. Rose quartz is referred to as the love stone and represents compassion and warmth.

What is the history of jade rolling?

Jade rolling is thought to be an ancient Chinese beauty practice. Wealthy Chinese women believed that the jade stone bestowed healing, protection and power. The practice of jade rolling made its way west into acupuncture clinics and spas, and, thanks to endorsements by high-profile beauty enthusiasts, jade rolling is now an essential part of many women’s skincare routines.

How is a jade roller used?

Most jade rollers are dual-sided, with a small stone on one end for the skin around your eyes and a larger stone on the other end for your cheeks and forehead. Roll the tool across your skin in an outward motion, applying gentle, steady pressure. Some people use jade rollers with serums or oils to help these products absorb evenly into the skin. Others simply practice jade rolling every morning and evening as a soothing ritual.

What are the benefits of jade rolling?

The most immediate benefit of jade rolling is the relaxation of facial muscles, which are responsible for causing fine lines around the eyes and deeper furrows in the brow. A jade roller works on your facial muscles the way a foam roller works on your lower body muscles; the rolling motion smooths and loosens tension.

Some people also start to notice a reduction in redness and puffiness after jade rolling. The jade roller’s anti-inflammatory effects are increased if the roller is kept in the freezer. Sweep the cold stone across your cheeks and under your eyes to move the move any inflammation buildup in that direction.

Jade rolling can also improve circulation, which gives your skin a rosy glow. This comes in handy during the winter, when cold, dry air dulls our complexion.

Can you use it with other products?

You can use the jade roller prior to applying other products. For best results, try wiping your face with a cleanser like micellar water before jade rolling.

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