Vacation skincare, by destination


Whether your summer vacation plans take you to the mountains or the coast, adding a few dermatology products to your packing list will ensure the trip doesn’t take its toll on your skin.

For Your Mountain Vacation

You found the perfect rustic cabin in the woods with a gorgeous wraparound porch. You can picture yourself settling back in a wooden rocking chair as dusk settles and fireflies start blinking in the forest.

But fireflies aren’t the only bugs with whom you’ll be sharing the summer evening. This is the time of year when the woods fill with mosquitos, miniscule pests that create a major nuisance when they buzz around your ears and bite your exposed skin. Proper insect repellant will ensure your evening is accompanied by a little wine rather than a little whine.

When choosing a product, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you look for one of three active ingredients: DEET or another synthetic chemical, picaridin, or a plant-derived chemical like oil or lemon eucalyptus.

If you opt for a product with DEET, you’ll have up to 90 minutes of protection, depending on your activity level. Plant-based chemicals often need to be reapplied more frequently.

But no matter how diligently we apply our repellant, there are those among us who still wind up with a bug bite or two. So it’s a good idea to also pack an anti-itch cream with antihistamines and antiseptics.

If you forget to stick that cream in your bag and can’t locate a nearby drugstore, you might be able to find a remedy in your kitchen. Mix either oatmeal or baking soda with water to form a paste and spread it on your bug bites to relieve itching. You can also try applying vinegar or an onion slice to the affected area.

If your mountain vacation involves less porch-sitting and more hiking, your skincare routine should include products that protect against sun and windburn, especially if your travels take you from a humid, sea-level location like Wilmington to a high-elevation, low-humidity destination. Pack Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment in your backpack and apply it before you go outside to prevent cracked lips.

For Your Beach Vacation

You probably don’t need a reminder to take a few bottles of sunscreen with you on your coastal getaway. Sun protection is at the top of your packing list, along with other essentials like that perfect beach read and your favorite lounge chair.

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of sunscreen options on the market, check out these tips we compiled for choosing the best product for your needs.

There’s no harm in doubling up on sun protection, either. There are plenty of attractive hats with brims broad enough to shield your upper torso as you stroll by the water’s edge. You might even find one with a sturdy chin strap, so you don’t end up chasing it down the beach!

Sunglasses are another obvious necessity, but tinted eyewear can provide more than just comfort and style. Choose a pair labeled “UV 400,” which means it will block all rays of UV and UVB light with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

It’s also a good idea to tuck a bottle of sunburn relief in your suitcase. We all know the sun’s rays are harmful, but we also know how easy it is to lose track of time and forget to reapply when you’re having fun on the beach. Pack a product that contains aloe, which is a natural remedy for burns.

And don’t forget that whether you’re preparing your skin for vacation or helping it recover, the skincare experts at Coastal Dermatology have the product or treatment you need. Contact us today!