Coastal Dermatology now offers a natural hair loss solution

Hair loss affects millions of men and women, but its prevalence makes it no less demoralizing. While it’s normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day, many people experience more dramatic thinning or noticeable bald spots. One of the most frustrating aspects of this kind of hair loss is the variety of possible causes. Here at Coastal Dermatology Center, we help patients determine the root of their hair loss and whether they’re a good candidate for our latest hair loss treatment, Nutrafol.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, two out of three American men will experience some degree of hair loss by age 35, and by age 50, 85 percent of men will notice significantly thinning hair. For some men, this is evidence of male pattern baldness, a hereditary condition that causes hair follicles to shrink due to hormonal changes that occur with age. Women can also be predisposed to this type of hair loss, but they typically experience it to a lesser degree and without the receding hairline commonly seen in men.

Often, however, we should not view hair loss as a condition in itself, but as a symptom of underlying health issues. The most common causes of non-hereditary hair loss are hormonal imbalances, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid issues, and extreme stress. In these cases, hair loss is often accompanied by other symptoms like weight fluctuations and skin problems.

If you notice your hair thinning or falling out, and you know you’re not genetically predisposed to dramatic hair loss, it’s best to see your general practitioner, because sudden hair thinning can also be caused by certain illnesses or medications. Once you rule out more serious causes, you can tackle the more likely culprits: stress, environmental toxins, and hormonal imbalances.

Many products that claim to fight hair loss only treat the hair follicle itself and not the underlying issues. But here at Coastal Dermatology, we carry an innovative new treatment called Nutrafol that combines a drug-free hair loss treatment with natural supplements that combat stress and inflammation.

Each Nutrafol tablet includes a blend of inflammation-fighting ingredients like Vitamin E from palm oil, biocircumen, ashwagandha, vitamins such as biotin and keratin, and the powerful antioxidant resveratrol. With this unique combination, Nutrafol not only combats the stress that causes hair loss, but it creates an environment within your body more conducive to hair growth.

Even better, Nutrafol has offers distinct formulas for men and for women, since our hormones and bodies are so different. Many people who start Nutrafol see improvement within 30 to 60 days, and even more measurable results by 90 days

If you’ve experienced significant hair loss recently, it’s worth finding out if a drug-free Nutraceutical like Nutrafol can restore your hair—and your confidence. Contact us at Coastal Dermatology to find out if you’re a candidate!