Try these Post-Holiday Season Skin Care Recovery Tips

Post holiday season skin care tips

If the holiday season took a toll on your complexion, you’re certainly not alone! The late nights, indulgent eating, parties, excitement, (and even a little stress if you played host) add up and now it’s time to come home, settle down, and get your skin back on track. Don’t worry, this is one skin care resolution you can conquer quickly!

Rest up.

Skin pays the price when you stay up past your normal bedtime night after night. The consequence? You may see breakouts, under-eye circles, and a washed-out appearance. Get back into a solid sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. The more consistent you are, the more well-rested and bright your skin will look.

Indulge in a bath.

Detox away those holiday indulgences with a soothing soak in the bathtub. To boost your detox, try adding in a cup of baking soda and Epsom salt. Relax for about 15-20 minutes, dry off, and wrap a blanket around yourself to stimulate perspiration and release more toxins. Ah, refreshing!

Drink that water.

If you were living on cocktails and caffeine all holiday season, it’s time to make friends with water again. The more dehydrated you are, the worse your complexion and hair look. Remind yourself to keep hydrating by keeping a water bottle close by, whether you’re at home or on the go. You can also mix up the flavor of water by adding sliced cucumbers, lemon wedges, limes, and blueberries.

Let skin breathe.

Were you wearing more makeup than normal for those parties and late-night outings? Now’s the time to let your skin breathe and avoid using heavy makeup if possible. This is also a chance to get your face back to its pre-party state with cleansing masks. Start with a hydrating mask to replenish and rejuvenate and then experiment with others based on your complexion concerns (blemishes, oily skin, etc.).

Sooth and nourish.

You skin craves nourishment so look for hydrating moisturizers that fight dryness and lock in moisture. Want to try making your own? Mix 3 tablespoons of melted mango butter with 1 tablespoon of jojoba or almond oil and place it in the refrigerator so that it can set. You’re going to love the results!

By using the tips above, you’re already on your way to post-holiday recovery! Looking for other ways to improve your skin or to get ready for a skin checkup? Contact Coastal Dermatology & Surgery Center to schedule an appointment.