Why You Should See a Dermatologist Regularly

Why you should see a dermatologist regularly

It’s common for first-timers to walk through our doors feeling unsure if they should be here or if they’re seeing the right specialist for their skin problems. Most of the time, we are exactly who they need to see, whether the visit is about their skin, hair, nails, or some issue they’ve been experiencing.

At Coastal Dermatology & Surgery Center, one of our main services is to diagnose and treat these conditions, and we encourage new and returning clients to continue making regular appointments with our office. Before deciding whether seeing the dermatologist is on your list of priorities, consider these reasons for making us a part of your yearly health routine.

Feeling a little dry?

Dealing with itchy, flaky skin? Sometimes a seemingly harmless rash cannot be treated at home with a skincare ointment from the drug store. Your itchy, dry skin may be a common chronic condition known as eczema. Although every case is different, it can be easy to treat by simply changing up your detergent. If that doesn’t work, our dermatologist can examine your skin and review your medical history to determine a balm or cream for mild cases, or a corticosteroid injection for more severe cases.

Seeing rough, scaly patches of skin?

Have you noticed rough patches of skin on your scalp, knees, elbows, or lower back? This itchy, red condition is known as psoriasis, which occurs when skin cells grow too quickly. The body cannot shed the new growth fast enough, which causes skin cells to pile up on the skin’s surface and produce red, itchy scale-like features. Psoriasis can be caused by cold weather and the common cold, which trigger flare-ups. By visiting a dermatologist like Coastal Dermatology, we can examine your skin and medical history to determine a treatment such as light therapy, prescriptions, or topical creams.

Acne troubles?

Acne is the most commonly diagnosed skin condition in the United States. Although many of us reach for face cleansers and treatments from drug stores as a solution, there are times where those products have little effect. Sometimes we suffer from cystic acne, which is red, inflamed, irritated, and pimples that are tender to the touch and cannot be treated 100% by typical cleansers. When our office treats cystic acne, we recommend stronger products that contain topical retinoids and antibiotics.

Is that a mole?

Almost everybody has moles, freckles, sun spots, or birthmarks. The problem is that they can change over time and grow into something serious if they aren’t monitored. A change in a mole or growth on the body that is itchy, bleeds, and doesn’t heal on its own can be the first signs of skin cancer. If diagnosed early, it can be removed surgically. If it’s already spreading, which can happen quickly, it’s harder to cure. If you have moles and are unsure whether they’re a concern, make an appointment with a dermatologist. It’s our job to examine moles, take a biopsy when necessary, and send it to a lab for further testing to ensure your skin’s safety.

Is your skin blushing?

Red flushed skin, broken blood vessels, inflammation, and red bumps that look like acne are often the result of rosacea. This disorder is triggered and worsened by several factors such as sun exposure, wind, cold weather, hot beverages, alcohol, spicy foods, and stress. If you see signs of rosacea, get in touch with your dermatologist immediately to get on a prescription medication, or consider intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. IPL treatments gently give intense pulsed light through the skin’s surface to treat rosacea on the neck, face, and chest.

It can be alarming to wake up to a new blemish on your skin, or to notice an area of skin growing into something concerning. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of these signs and get in touch with a dermatologist as soon as something doesn’t feel or look right. At Coastal Dermatology, it’s our mission to provide patients with optimal treatment options that are tailored specifically to your needs. Don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment with us. We’re here to help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin!