Blue-U Light Therapy

Blue-U Light Therapy Treatment

Acne afflicts nearly 80 percent of the global population, and those consumers collectively spend billions of dollars on treatments and products to minimize the painful and embarrassing effects. While acne is more common in adolescents, about 20 percent of acne cases occur in adults.

Acne is a skin condition in which greasy secretions from the skin’s sebaceous glands clog the skin’s pores and cause blackheads or whiteheads. Acne breakouts most commonly happen on the face, but they can also occur on the back, neck, shoulders, and upper arms.

Blue-U Light Therapy is an innovative treatment that can greatly reduce the appearance of mild to moderate acne.

What is Blue-U Light Therapy?

Blue-U light therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses a narrow-band, high-intensity blue light to target affected skin. The procedure targets the sebaceous glands without damaging the surrounding tissue. The high-intensity light destroys the bacteria responsible for causing clogged pores and the resulting acne breakouts.

What Can I Expect During an Appointment?

Blue-U procedures are performed in office by our trained staff. Patients are given protective eyewear. Blue-U light therapy can be used alone, or in conjunction with the application of a solution called Levulan. This topical medication, when applied to the skin, causes bacteria to become more sensitive to Blue-U light. One to three hours after Levulan is applied, the patient is placed in a comfortable chair in front of a machine that administers the Blue-U light. The procedure typically takes about 15 minutes. During that time, the Blue-U light is directed at the affected areas of skin.

There is no pain or discomfort associated with the procedure, and the light is compatible with every skin type.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Because the Blue-U procedure is safe and gentle, side effects are rare. Some patients report mild redness or skin irritation. Patients might opt for this treatment if they want to avoid taking prescription medication.

There is also no downtime following a Blue-U Light Therapy treatment. Patients are free to return to their daily lifestyle immediately afterwards, so the procedure is ideal for teens and young adults who don’t want the inconvenience of missing school or social activities.

What Are the Long-term Results

Many patients see results after two weekly treatment sessions. For best results, at least four weekly sessions are recommended. Depending on the severity and location of the acne, more treatments might be necessary. With repeated treatments, the Blue-U light not only eliminates bacteria, but it also reduces the size of pores.

Is Blue-U Light Therapy Right for Me?

Blue-U can treat not only a variety of acne conditions, but also other skin conditions, so if you’re curious about what results you could see, we suggest starting with a free consultation. At Coastal Dermatology & Surgery Center, we are here to talk to you about any questions you might have regarding the procedure and to review your medical history to ensure you’re an ideal candidate. Contact our office today if you’re ready to take the next steps in treating your unwanted hair or other skin and vein issues.