Avene products

In addition to offering treatments for a variety of dermatology issues, Coastal Dermatology and Surgery Center carries a range of skincare products, such as Avene.

Avene is a skincare line that originated centuries ago in a French village, where a fresh spring was discovered that appeared to have therapeutic properties. Over the years, dermatology experts across Europe began recommending Avene’s thermal spring water.

America was introduced to the product when the thermal water was used to treat burn victims of the Great Chicago Fire. In the late 20th century, Avene Hydrotherapy Center evolved into the brand that it is today, with a variety of products for antiaging, sun care, acne prone skin, dehydrated skin, eczema-prone skin, hypersensitive skin, and redness-prone skin, all with Avene Thermal Spring Water as the key ingredient.

While Avene products are made to treat a number of skin types and dermatology concerns, the brand is known for appealing to sensitive skin. The product formulas are clinically tested by dermatologists to ensure they provide results for patients with hypersensitive or eczema-prone skin.